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Veteran's Day
by upnorthfoodie (upnorthfoodie)
at November 12th, 2011 (07:46 pm)

I know that this post has almost nothing to do with food, but I was thinking about this topic on my early morning drive to my daughter's figure skating competition. Though I'm a day late, I feel that I should still post.

Growing up, Veteran's Day dealt with older people who fought some war that we only learned about in history textbooks and people we saw at the VFW, who helped support our Girl Scout troop. Even the first Iraq War still involved people who were "older", people who I didn't know.

The last few years, that has changed dramatically. Both of my sons' godfathers have been sent overseas for tours of duty. I've helped their school classes send letters. I tried to send Christmas cookies (I never heard if they arrived). The kids and I sent letters, cards, pictures to the godmothers and children still at home. And I couldn't help but realize that many veterans now are just boys (or girls).

It has become too real in the past 10 years.